Long Cardigan

Whohoo! I am down 5lbs in 3 weeks. Good start to my baby weight loss journey (again!)! I’m hopeful if I remember to blog it, I’ll be held more accountable! My goal is around 5lbs a month, so I hit my target this month – hopefully I can keep it up. That was when I weighed myself on Friday, before going on vacation for 5 days… Ugh. Vacation is never good for my waistline. I *tried* to be good, but I guess we’ll see when I weigh in on Friday. If not, then I have all of February to make for it! My goal is 25-30lbs by summer, by losing 5ish pounds a month. (a total of 40lbs overall would be my ultimate goal!)

I have been eyeing a long cardiganĀ for a while now. I wear a sweatshirt around the house half of the time, but I love the look of the long cardigans. All of them I have seen are expensive (especially from a certain company that probably half your facebook friends are selling. but I don’t have $70 to spend on a cardigan!)

Enter good old Amazon! I found this Long Cardigan. I figured for $13.99, it was worth a shot! Plus FREE returns if I didn’t love it. What did I have to lose? Well, I LOVE it. I think I need to order another so I have one while this one is being washed. I bought black, but some of the other colors are tempting. I wore it all weekend while we were at the beach. Comfortable, soft, and keeps me just warm enough!

Now this is a THIN cardigan. If you are wanting a thick, winter cardigan, this is not for you. It is perfect for wearing around the house when you just want a little something extra on your arms. Plus it has pockets! Great for when I am wearing yoga pants, leggings, or Pj’s with no pockets (and let’s be honest, that is what I wear 98% of the time)

It runs small. The fabric is light, soft, and stretchy. I bought an XL, and I never wear an XL in anything, but their sizing is wonky. Buy a size up from what you would normally wear. Or even 2 sizes. The XL fits me nicely (I wear anywhere from a 10-16 in women’s… depends on if I have to fit my chest into something… then the size goes up! HA!)

Is it the best quality cardigan you can buy? No. Not at all. But it is comfy and keeps me warm around the house, especially for the price. I’ve even worn it out for errands instead of a coat because it looks cute. And you can’t beat the price! I actually love that it is lightweight because I don’t like wearing heavyweight sweaters.

Now to head over to Amazon to buy a second…

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