Scale Shenanigans

I finally decided it was time to drop the baby weight. I actually don’t gain much during pregnancy, but I do while breastfeeding. Yes, I know that’s weird, but my body is odd… Anyway, I decided to enjoy my summer and then I figured I might as well enjoy the holidays too… But now, I’m on the bandwagon and going to shed some of this excess weight! I’ve been consciously working at it for about 2 weeks and dropped 3lbs already, so not too shabby.

I decided to buy a new scale, to track my journey and to keep myself accountable. We had an old scale from Ikea, but it did not work well. The one nice thing about it was it always showed you about 10lbs less than you really were. Kinda liked that. HA! So I went with this scale because it was cheap and digital. (and Amazon shipped it to my house… No leaving the house and putting on pants!)

Well, it is between the toilet and the shower in our bathroom. My husband noticed it goes down to the oz (well actually .2lbs)… So you can guess what we’ve been doing….. Yep, we are that weird/funny/odd….Hey, my husband started it! You know you’d do it too if you had one right there… I texted him while he was in a meeting with his boss about the amount I’d just lost, ’cause I knew he’d laugh…

Ok, so you might not be as weird (or freaking hilarious?) as we are, but this is a pretty good scale for the money! It comes in black and clear, but I think the clear is pretty cool. Our kids think it’s fun. And we can weigh the baby on it too!

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