Water, Water, Water


I was reading a blog post about a woman talking about how she started drinking a gallon of water a day and it changed her life (The way she felt, etc.). I am a big water drinker, in fact, it is just about the only thing I drink, but got me thinking that I should probably drink even more. A gallon sounded good to me! So I ordered this Gallon Coleman water jug, so I could fill it up with ice water in the morning and make sure I drank through the entire thing in a day. It came yesterday afternoon. (Oh how I LOVE Amazon Prime!)

Initially, I thought I’d just lug it around. Yeah. Quickly decided to just grab one of the many water bottles we have and fill it up from the jug. Super easy to fill from the jug.

Well, I must drink more water than I think! I had the whole gallon drunk before dinner. Wasn’t even difficult. I did make a conscious effort to drink today, carried my water bottle everywhere, even with being out with my daughter all morning. Sometimes I forget to drink through out the day, so this give me a visual of how much to drink each day (to be sure I am drinking enough!). I liked having the water bottle with me all day too. I need to make that a habit. Mmmm… I like water. I plan to keep using my new gallon water jug each day (all part of my weight loss strategy!) and it’ll also be great to take in the car on trips to refill everyone’s water bottles!

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