8 behind

An update on my weight loss journey: I’ve lost 8lbs as of Friday (since the beginning of the year). I am a bit behind on my goal, which was to lose 5lbs a month, but I’m not doing too bad. It gives me a reason to double down and really concentrate on my goal this next month. I actually might be 9lbs down, depending on when I weighed myself Friday morning (not sure why there was such a variety that morning), but I am going with the high number so I have more incentive to work harder this next month. I never beat myself up over it – because 8lbs is still good!

This last month, vacation really did me in. I gained some back during vacation (which always happens to me) and then I just wasn’t great with eating for a few weeks – but the last 2 weeks of this month I was doing really well, losing the vacation weight and then some! So close to back on track. I think I am starting to have a good system and once I was back on track, it seems to be working well. I’m still baking lots and eating bread – just trying to cut down on how much I stuff in my mouth! ha!

Next month is 2 of my little boys birthdays (my babies will be 1 and 4!!) and MY birthday. I plan to indulge on the birthday’s (especially my birthday – dessert has already been planned!) so I need to be good all month to be able to enjoy that and still hit my goals!

Can I lose 5lbs next month? Fingers crossed! I’ll keep it updated here so I can be accountable! Here’s to 25-30lbs gone by summer! (have to have that ultimate goal in site, broken down by my monthly goals!)

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