Air Fryer


I don’t think I have written about a purchase I made over the holiday’s. My husband has wanted an Air Fryer for awhile. We have a deep fryer, but we rarely use it. Honestly, we should probably just get rid of it, since it’s been so long since we’ve used it. I was able to pick up the Bella Air Fryer on Black Friday for a great deal, and figured it would be a fun appliance to play with.

It is a great little appliance! My daughter loves to use it for cooking her chicken nuggets. It is great for Corn dogs too. I actually don’t like corn dogs (or hot dogs for that matter), unless they are deep fried. However, they are just as good in the air fryer. We have made lots of different items in it, all mostly a success (see below). I haven’t ventured into baking/cooking with it too much yet, but I’ve found lots of ideas and plan to start using it more! I need to try chicken in there…. See if it really tastes fried… (I’m putting that on the menu for this week or next!)

One thing not to put in there is marshmallows. We know this from experience. My husband loves to play with appliances like this. He likes to try and find random items he can fry. Well, he exploded a marshmallow in there not long after we got it. Yeah… that doesn’t smell good!

What I love about the Air Fryer, is that we can get the taste of deep fryer, without all the fat and oil. It is a pretty nifty appliance. Is it needed in a kitchen? No. But if you can pick one up on a good deal, it is fun little appliance to play with and make some yummy, fried-tasting foods that are good for you!

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