Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups


Can I tell you one of the best gifts we bought for Christmas? It was unexpected, but the Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups have been such a hit around this house, I had to write about it. First, our baby (now 11 months), plays with them constantly. He stacks them, knocks them down, rolls them around. He likes when we snap them into balls too. It is one of his most used toys!

The BIGGEST surprise? Our older kids play with it too! My 3-year-old was playing the cups game with it. He was hiding the top ball under the cups, moving them around, and having us guess where the ball was. He just excidely came to me with it since he was able to stack them all into a ball (see Amazon for pictures), prompting me to write this post. The balls nest in each other as balls and he was happy he was able to get them all in their himself. I even catch the older ones stacking it and turning the cups into balls too… It is a great stacking and ball nesting toy, apparently for a wide variety of ages!

Seriously?!?! Who would have thought an inexpensive baby toy would be so much fun for my kids?!? It has been a lovely surprise. So if you have a baby, or need a gift for a first birthday or for a baby shower, these Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups are surprisingly a really great toy!

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