Lunch Box Bento

I have a cold. It’s lame because I rarely get sick and I’m grumpy and irritable (probably because I don’t get days off and still have 5 kids to feed, get to school, watch so they don’t kill themselves).

I ran to Target to get some of the fancy tissues that have lotion. When you are blowing your nose as much as I am, the standard tissues start to make your nose raw. I apparently ran out of the fancy ones last time I was sick and only had the regular/everyday kind. I grabbed a 6 pack of the fancy tissues and headed to the checkout.

Then I stopped in my tracks. I was soooo Excited! I saw these:

I wrote about them here. I LOVE these Ziploc Divided Rectangle Containers!! When I wrote last, they had been discontinued, but they have brought them back – YAY!!! I still have some from the last time they offered them, but I think I will get a couple more – especially since my boys tend to have a habit of losing their lunch boxes.

I don’t think I can say enough about the Ziploc Divided Rectangle Containers. They are AWESOME! Plus, they are CHEAP! They wash easily in the dishwasher, so keeping lots of little plastic bags out of landfills. They don’t leak either – keeping their lunch boxes clean! The Bento box style also makes sure that my kids get fresh fruits and vegetables in their lunches each day! Can’t have an empty spot right? We do apples, strawberries, grapes, melons, oranges, pears, etc. for fruit, and for veggies we often do carrots, snap peas, cucumber, broccoli, etc. They get whatever is on sale that week at the store! They are a great way for my kids to get a balanced lunch at school! If you have refrigerator space (we do now!! YAY for a second fridge!!) you could make Jello or pudding and pour it into the containers and have it set up in there – no need to buy the expensive individual cups. Plus it looks so pretty and colorful:

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have them yet (I’ll keep watching). So head on over to to order Ziploc Divided Rectangle Containers. If you have a RedCard they ship for free and 5% off, or you can order for store pickup!! You won’t even have to search the store for them! I LOVE store pick-up and not having to search for things with kids in tow! Seriously, for the price, I LOVE these! I’ve been using my current set almost every school day for 3 years now! They still look and work great (see pictures!)

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