Paw Patrol Cake

My 3-year-old turned 4 this last month! He is a big Paw Patrol fan. We always like to make fun and easy cakes, and this one fit that bill. It is a really fun cake for him and it was super easy to make!

The main thing you need to buy is a Paw Patrol Bulldozer, some M&M’s, and Kitkats!

I just used a boxed cake mix and my chocolate buttercream frosting (could just make the plain kind and make it whatever color you want! Green would work well too!)

Just make the cake mix in 2 round pans – and use my method for getting flat cakes!

After baking, I realized that most of the pictures I saw of similar cakes must be 4 layers, because my cakes were only about 1/2 a KitKat tall. Oops! if you want the cakes an entire KitKat length tall, make 2 cake mixes and 4 round layers. If you are like me and just want one cake, simply cut the KitKat’s in half! Easy peasy! Problem solved. I just cut all the KitKat in half and it worked well!

Frost your cakes, place the KitKats around the edge, cutting some in half (or in 1/4) around the opening where your M&M’s will spill over. Place the Bulldozer on the cake, then pour the M&M’s! My kids helped pour the M&M’s and thought it was fun! I added a bit of frosting to the foil, so it would hold at least the bottom ones in place. My kids kept eating M&M’s off the pile. I used about a medium-sized bag – of course, that is with kids eating them along the way!

This was seriously an adorable cake that my son LOVED! He is sitting next to me right now pointing at the pictures telling me how much he liked his cake. Plus, he got the bulldozer as an extra present! Double score!



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