Best Laid Plans

I started uploading all the pictures for some upcoming posts a few days ago, and then the websites crashed and I couldn’t get on them… While waiting for them to get back online with the server, I started watching Outlander. Of course, then there are 2+ seasons of the show, so I needed to binge watch the whole series so far. And now I need the books. Once I finished that series, A new season of Call the Midwife was on Netflix. Oh, well, I must catch up on that  – queue the tears and both the want and not want to have another baby (or maybe that is just me when I watch?!?)

Mix that in with it taking 3 hours to get the kids off to school in the mornings (first one out the door at 6:15, then trickle the rest out until 9:15). Then the one in preschool has to be picked up after a few hours, usually long enough for me to go grocery shopping or do some errands with the baby in tow. Then he has a speech class I have to drive him to, and there isn’t enough time to drive home or go anywhere useful while he is there – so out comes another book while we wait! (baby usually sleeps – if I’m lucky – otherwise, It’s a tablet for entertainment, since it has been raining and we can’t go for a walk like usual). Then time for dinner and other activities.

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten to things I want to get done. But then again, I have enjoyed binge-watching shows and reading, so I guess it’s not so bad. I watch while playing with the baby (ok he’s not so much a baby anymore, but a toddler) in the toy room, so at least I’m not neglectful 😉

I have yet to figure out our schedule and make time for myself to write and to exercise. OY! The toddler is not napping anymore (occasionally in the car), but that was my time to workout – so I need to figure that out as well. He’s not great about letting me workout or get on the treadmill (little fingers on the treadmill is not good). As soon as I have a schedule down, something happens to screw it all up. I guess that is life! My goal this next week, is to get a schedule going…. which I am sure will change as soon as I get used to it! Now… Isn’t the new season of Fuller House coming out tomorrow…

Now… Isn’t the new season of Fuller House coming out tomorrow?? Dang you Netflix! Too many shows I want to binge on…

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