Library of Congress & Supreme Court

One of the most beautiful buildings in Washington DC is the Library of Congress. It is AMAZING. The art and architecture¬†of this building is something everyone should stop by, for at least a few minutes, and see in person. If you take a tour of the Capitol building, you can simply take the underground tunnel that leads straight to the Library of Congress. It doesn’t take long to look around, but you can take a tour as well. There is also a kids area and you can sign up for your own library card! It can either be a quick stop or longer, depending on your time frame, but it is a must-do on my list!

We decided to go to the Supreme Court, which is right next door to the Library of Congress, Across from the Capitol. We’ve been by it sooo many times, but never had the time to stop in. Well, this time we were going to go in, even though the kids were tired and grumpy at this point. Once we climbed ALL the steps, got through security, and into the building, we got to the courtroom only to see a sign saying it was closed for cleaning. Now I wanted to cry!! Sigh. Some trip we will make it in there (We’ve only been to DC like 10+ times and it has never worked out for us to go in!! sad…). It is a pretty building at least (not nearly as impressive as Library of Congress though!!)

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