Moose Milk

The things you say as a parent.

My 4 year old was playing Minecraft, and was spelling “Moose Milk” on the screen. (None of his older siblings were home to help him)

I walk by my husband’s office and say: “I find it weird that our 4 year old can spell ‘Moose Milk.'”

I have no idea where Moose Milk came from, but my 4 & 6 year olds think it is HILARIOUS. 

Our 4 year old is also a genius for his age (I may also be biased 🤔). He has speech issues, so when we can’t understand him, he simply gets a Magna doodle or paper and spells out what he is trying to say. See? Genius. Pretty sure he’s the only kid in preschool that went into his first ever class already knowing how to write his name, play complicated adult strategy board games (his favorite is designed for ages 10+), can add 3 – 4 numbers at a time, and also do multiplication. 

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he’s spelling “Moose Milk,” but it’s still kind of odd 😂

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