Why I get nothing done

Some days, I wonder why I manage to get nothing done other than getting the kids off to school w/lunches (and picked up), dinner made, dishes done, and an occasional load of laundry (sometimes 6).

Then I remember I have a toddler that needs CONSTANT supervision. Seriously, we have 5 kids. I don’t remember the others needing so much supervision to make sure they don’t DESTROY everything in their site. He’s given up naps, so I don’t even get that time to decompress/exercise/not pull my freaking hair out!

Seriously, I go to the bathroom, and he dumps and ENTIRE carton of Kosher Salt (4lbs!). My husband left a plate with a steak knife on it on the counter (not even near the edge) and a few seconds later hear a clanking of a dish and find him playing with the knife and an apple. He can be helpful and “helps’ fill the dishwasher, give him a towel and he’ll “try” to wipe up one of the 20 messes he’s made. He also plugs in the vacuum to try to vacuum up all the food he’s thrown on the floor.

This kid will be the end of me. Pretty sure.

Somehow, he managed to turn off the Hot Water heater?!?! What the?!?! How did he even do that?!?! He was in the garage while I was making dinner (see, needs CONSTANT supervision) to get a treat (he knows where the packaged cookies/treats are). I *thought* when he just came back in with a bag of cheese-its, that is all he did out there. Well, apparently he figured out hot to turn the hot water heater off. We didn’t notice until this morning. I took a bath in my BIG bathtub last night, and couldn’t get it filled with hot water, but that isn’t too unusual because the tub is HUGE and if the dishwasher is running, there may not be enough for both at the same time. I had enough to be comfortable, so I didn’t think too much of it. I’m surprised my daughter didn’t complain about a cold shower?!?!

I went to use the hot water this morning to make kids’ lunches and it just wasn’t getting hot. Great! I thought the hot water heater may have gone out AGAIN (it did a few years ago and made a HUGE mess). I go out to check on it and it looks fine. I look at the dial and it is set to “off.” What?!?! How would that even happen?!?! FINNEAS!!! It had to be him! He was the only one in the garage that would have done that. The dial is small, I’m not even sure how he managed!!

I call my husband downstairs because I have to get lunches and kids off to school, not wanting to deal with how to get a pilot light back on. He managed to follow the steps and get it back up and working. He comes back in “Yeah… We need to keep that boy from the garage now!” Add it to the list.

Seriously. Not even two seconds….

Now excuse me, I need to go clean up the chocolate milk he just spilled all over while I was writing this – yes, it had a lid, but he uses his teeth to pull the lids off of everything. Oh! And the tissues he just tore up all over to help “clean”

It’s a good thing I don’t drink…..

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