Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

On our way to Ocean City, we decided to stop at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Site Visitor’s Center. It is seriously in the middle of nowhere. However, it was totally worth the stop! This was an AMAZING museum and I learned so much about Harriet Tubman. She was a freaking SUPERHERO! This stop may have been one of my favorite of the entire trip. I had no idea how much we would like it and that we would learn so much about this incredible lady! Seriously, this needs to become a must stop for everyone (at least once!)

Did you know Harriet was injured as a child (a weight was thrown, meant for someone else, and hit her in the head!). She suffered side effects from this almost life ending injury her entire life. She was taken from her family at the age of 6. Her real name was Araminta Ross. She, of course, helped many slaves out of slavery through the underground railroad, going back and forth – putting herself in danger each time – to help more people, especially her family, escape slavery. Did you also know that she served in the Civil War? She helped blow up bridges and dismantle torpedos. She was AMAZING!

She ended up remarrying (her first husband remarried while she was on the run) to a much younger man (22 years younger!) – you go, girl! They adopted a baby girl – Ahhhhh! How wonderful!

Seriously, Harriet Tubman is my hero now. I did not know all of this stuff about her. Sure, I knew about the underground railroad, but I never really knew/thought about all she accomplished. She deserves to be on the $20 bill!

I HIGHLY recommend visiting here, if you’re ever on your way to Ocean City MD! Worth the small detour!! If you can’t make it to Maryland, read her biography  – it is WELL worth a read!

You can also earn to your Underground Railroad Junior Ranger badge here! YAY! The great thing about this badge is ANYONE can earn it from home! So even if you can’t get to one of the NPS sites, you and your kids can learn about the Underground Railroad with the Junior Ranger packet. Then mail it in to get your badge!

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