Just Laugh

I often say that if kid #5 had been kid #1, he would have been an only child. Now we are much more chill/experienced parents, we just brush most of his stuff off.

Yesterday, I was working on getting our 40lbs of Zaycon Chicken prepared to go into the freezer (chopped, ground, etc.), so my husband was making sure our toddler stayed out of trouble. (I just had to stop writing this to grab my keys back from him before he stuck them in the electrical outlet). Mind you, he is a work from home dad, so he knows the trouble he gets into on a minute by minute basis.

He was playing with #3 and #4, and I told him he should go check on #5. I yell at my daughter (#1), asking what #5 was doing (As he was up near her). She said, “He’s in your room watching PBS kids.” Ok, that is semi-believable, but I didn’t trust it. I am elbow deep in chicken so I tell my husband again she should go check on him. He finally gets up to check on him…. He comes down a few minutes later with a grocery bag full of wet toilet paper to throw in the garbage. I tried so hard not to burst out laughing. You cannot trust that kid for more than 2 seconds…. (ugh, I hear him opening the fridge now… He was trying to get himself Chocolate milk)

Apparently, He was stuffing toilet paper in the toilet. Not only was he stuffing it in the toilet, he was apparently elbow deep in the toilet trying to shove it down the hole…. Ok, that is a new one!! So he got him cleaned/washed/sanitized and unclogged the roll of toilet paper from the toilet. He said while he was cleaning up the toilet paper, he went into the bedroom and was quietly playing with a shape sorter, so innocent like he would never cause trouble. Of course, as soon as he came down to throw away all the TP, he started to get into things on the bathroom counter.

He went to change his diaper, and he refused to get another one on. He wanted a bath. Well duh, dad! I’m sure he was thinking, “Dad! I was playing in the toilet. That is disgusting! I really need a bath now!” Ha! Probably just wanted a bath in the first place and this was his way of asking for it?!?! There are much easier ways of asking for a bath….

This boy cannot be left for one second! Good thing he is adorable!


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