Keeping it real

I always want to make sure I am keeping it real on here. I often write about different places we travel to or adventures we have as a family. I love traveling and doing things with my kids – it brings me the most joy in this life. It’s not to say it doesn’t have its bumps in the road….

Let me just tell you about our trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend.

It was cold outside, so I think it took about an hour to get everyone dressed, then drag out all the cold weather gear – like hats and gloves. Once everyone had peed (or so they claimed), we got the car loaded up. Before leaving the driveway, #2 & #3 start fighting over what they should watch on the car entertainment system. Seriously?!?! They could bring their own tablets and watch/play whatever they want. Crying starts. WE HAVE NOT EVEN LEFT THE DRIVEWAY!

I tell them we are getting out of the car and not going. If they are fighting now, I am not dealing with them. I get out and get #4 unbuckled because I am serious. Nothing like taking an hour to get ready to call it all off. #2 & #3 see I’m serious, stop fighting and get along over what to watch. MIND YOU, the pumpkin patch is ONLY 20 minutes away. I mean, how could they possibly not do with entertainment for a whole 20 minutes?!?!

I start to get #4 buckled back, and I smell poop. I ask #4 if he has poop in his underwear. “Yes” was his reply (he has wiping issues sometimes). Ugh! If he knew that, why didn’t he say something before! Husband takes him in to change him. As he is getting changed, he decides he needs to pee, because he didn’t pee when I told him 20 times before we left….

All cleaned and changed. Back in the car. Not even out of the neighborhood when #5 is sick of sitting in the car already. He is backwards, so he can’t watch the video – seriously, it is only a few minutes drive…. Give him my phone with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Finally, make it to the pumpkin patch with no more problems.

They start playing and having a great time sliding and going through the hay maze. We take the Hayride around the farm and I notice that #3 has a HUGE hole in the toe of his shoes. Why did he not say anything? “I didn’t think it mattered that much” was his reply. The bottom of his shoes were wrecked up too. He is HARD on shoes! Not sure what he does at school with shoes, but he goes through 3-4 pairs a school year (expensive or cheap shoes… neither seems to last longer than a few months with him!). Great.

We look at the animals/petting zoo, which #5 thought was fantastic. He loves animals. Then head to the corn maze. It was VERY muddy to the corn maze and the big kids and I were not so sure it was worth it. #3 was INSISTENT on doing the corn maze, so we made our way over there. Now, not more than 2 minutes into the corn maze, #3 was like, “Why, are we doing this?” “I want out of here!” “I am tired of walking!” Seriously?!?! He is the one that wanted to do this. I just ignored him and made him keep going. He’s lucky everyone didn’t strangle him.

Made it out of the corn maze. It didn’t take us too long, regardless of what #3 would tell you. Then we played on more slides, tunnels, and in the giant wheat play boxes (think sandbox with wheat). Then down the giant slides & hay maze again before playing the duck races. A fun time was had by all.

Then we were able to convince them it was time to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. #2 and #3 immediately forget about what their pumpkin plans were and want the biggest pumpkin they first see. #5 kept picking up all the small pumpkins he could carry and put them in the wheelbarrow. It was adorable. #4 found a pumpkin he could pick up and was happy. #1 found her pumpkin and then chased #5 around the patch while #2 & #3 debated what pumpkins they wanted. #5 eventually started throwing himself down on the ground. Not sure if he was being silly, or was just done with the whole pumpkin patch. He did it a few times and it was rather amusing for us (at least it wasn’t muddy here!) He wasn’t crying or screaming, just throwing himself down.

Finally got all the pumpkins picked out and then paid for. They were ready to go. #3 wanted to go down the big slide again, which we let him do while we got everyone else (and the pumpkins) loaded up in the van. We made them all take their shoes off before getting the van all muddy. We tossed #3 shoes into the garbage there as he got into the van. There was nothing worth saving at that point!

We got Cheesy-stuffed burgers on the way home for lunch. Mmmm…. I think I deserved it ­čÖé

While we had our road bumps, we had a fun, enjoyable day. Yes, nothing ever goes smoothly. Sometimes things take 5 times longer than they should, but it is worth it when you see their faces light up with excitement when they find “their” pumpkin, or when they love sliding down the big slide by themselves, or when they find the exit to the maze all by themselves. Life is an adventure and I choose to remember the best parts of the time we have together.

FYI – I took #3 to Target later that afternoon to buy another new pair of shoes. Wonder how long this pair will last?!?!

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