Bureau of Engraving and Printing 

We take a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing almost every trip to DC. The kids enjoy seeing how money is made! It is quite the process. You learn every (well, almost every) step of the process of how they make money. You see people who make the money, the machines, the ink – each step – more steps than you would think! The kids really enjoy this tour! I mean who doesn’t enjoy seeing money made and millions of dollars sitting around in rooms?!

You can NOT take pictures on the tour. You are warned OVER and OVER not to take pictures or your phone/camera will be confiscated.

We booked our tour through our senator’s office. We got a PRIVATE tour this time! It was soooo cool! Not sure I want to do a general tour again. Ha! Getting spoiled. Not sure how we got a private tour, but I think it was because we had 12 people and booked it with our senator. We booked it with our senator before, but it wasn’t a private tour. I think it was because we had so many people this time. Well, that’s what I am guessing was the reason at least….

If you don’t book through your member of Congress, then you can simply get timed tickets for a tour at the building. If not going in summer, I don’t think you even need tickets.

This is a great tour for kids and I would highly recommend taking the tour with kids of all ages (and we have taken the tour with kids of all ages!)

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