Expensive Popcorn Kernel

Today, I am spending the day baking – pies, rolls, all the Thanksgiving goodies! We always have everything to be grateful for, but after this week, we need a reason to celebrate what we are Thankful for!

On Wednesday, I went to take the laundry out of the dryer and noticed all the clothes were covered in something black. A CRAYON was in the dryer. I’m sure a certain toddler is to blame for this one. FANTASTIC. When you have a giant washer/dryer, this happens to A LOT of clothes! Sigh. Google search and Facebook advice, we soaked the clothes in boiling water, oxyclean, vinegar, and dawn. Then washed again. It came out of 75% of the clothes. It was late at this point, so I waited until the next morning to soak the clothes again. My husband used a magic eraser to clean all the crayon out of the dryer (that was a mess too!)

I soaked the last of the clothes, in the bathtub, in more boiling water, vinegar, and soap in the morning. Let them soak a good long time and then put them in the washer… It came out of all but one shirt, but I didn’t care enough about that one to keep spot cleaning it.

After putting the clothes in the washing machine, I headed to pick my son up from preschool. His teacher came out and told me to park because my son was crying over putting something in his ear. I parked and went in. He was bawling. Apparently 2 minutes before I got there to pick him up, he said he put a popcorn kernel in his ear. He knew immediately it was the wrong thing, and started crying and told them.

I have to admit, I thought it was semi-amusing at first. Oh, the things kids do! He is kid #4, things like this don’t faze me much. Took him home and looked in his ear with my Otoscope (worth EVERY penny – can always tell if they have an ear infection before taking them to the doctor!). Yep, he wasn’t kidding, there was a popcorn kernel in there. I call the doctor and they could get him in.

Took him to the doctor. They tried all sorts of different things, even brought in a second doctor, no luck! Couldn’t get it out. Off to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. He tried, but It was too close to the eardrum and it was hurting him…. So surgery was the option now… Ok – this is the point that is was not amusing anymore. He scheduled him for first thing in the morning.

I was anxious and feeling sick at this point. Blah. I pretty much went home to bed (after a long soak in the bathtub). My daughter was crying because I didn’t feel well enough to go to a shopping event (she got a talking to about selfishness – I mean I was sick, and her brother was going in for surgery and she was crying about shopping… Yeah – not cool!)

We had to be at the hospital at 6 am for his surgery – even though it wasn’t until 7:30. My husband’s parents came over to watch the baby and get the kids off to school. Took awhile to get checked in, but still had plenty of time before surgery, so we watched some tv and played with snapchat filters:

He’s cute at least! Then he was off to surgery. Only took about 5 minutes. He was back from recovery in about 20 minutes. All the nurses raved about how cute, sweet, easygoing, well-behaved, and adorable he was. He is probably my sweetest kid! One nurse said it was obvious how loved he is. Glad that shows to people that all our kids are very loved and adored.  We were home an hour after his surgery. He started running around right away. Anesthesia must not affect him too much (takes after me)

Here he is right after his surgery with his narwhal – sonic went into surgery with him and he told us he went to sleep too. That is also a picture of the MOST EXPENSIVE POPCORN KERNEL EVER!

When we got home, the toddler had apparently gone back to sleep. This was a warning sign to me. Yep – when I checked on him, he had a fever. FANTASTIC! Sick baby now…. I ended up spending the rest of the day cuddling and napping with him (I was exhausted, not to mention I had a feeling he was getting sick because he did NOT sleep well that night – so neither did I. I thought he was feeling my anxiety and not sleeping… Nope – he wasn’t feeling well).

Geez. I was done with the week. Just one of those weeks (an EXPENSIVE one too)

Sigh. After being tired and sick – but only throwing up once – all day, his fever thankfully broke sometime during the night. I don’t think that kid has slept that much since he was a newborn… A good 24 hours (with a few wakings for water and diaper changes)

Now to enjoy my zen place and enjoy a day of baking… Although, I also have a dentist appointment this afternoon (not sure what I was thinking making that appointment 6 months ago!). At least I don’t mind the dentist, it just throws a wrench in my baking mojo for the day.

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