Holocaust Museum

When I was a teenager, my parents took me to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It changed my life and view of the world going to the museum. It is an emotional and horrifying journey that you take through the museum. Truly a life changing museum.

Our older 2 kids were interested in seeing the museum. This is not a museum for younger kids. My sisters took the younger 3 kids back home, while we toured the museum in the afternoon with our 2 older kids. It was amazing to experience this museum with our kids. It was my Husband’s first time through too. Some parts were too much for me. Being a mom, I had to skip some of the parts that specifically involved children. It was too much for me. It is nearly impossible to leave this museum not being brought to tears. It is heart-wrenching and such an important part of history that we must ALWAYS remember, so it NEVER EVER happens again. It is so horrible to walk through this museum and imagine the horror and trials that they endured. Unimaginable.

When you enter, you receive a booklet with the story of someone who lived during the time of the Holocaust. As you progress through the museum, you will turn the pages and learn about their life during this time. At the end, you find out if they lived or died. It really helps the museum to become even more personal.

This museum is life changing. I don’t think I would say that about any other museum that I have ever been to. This was my third time through and my life was still changed experiencing this museum again, especially through the eyes of my children.

If you are in DC, I HIGHLY recommend seeing this museum. It will change your life and stick with you forever. I do NOT recommend taking young children to it, hence the reason we haven’t been to it in a really long time (and my husband had never been). Take 12+ and up – it is important for them to see and learn about it. (maybe a mature 10 and 11… maybe…)


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