US Mint in Philadelphia



When people visit Philadelphia, they often think about visiting the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. While those are great to visit, don’t forget to walk a block down to the Mint! It is seriously just a block from the Visitor’s Center (where you get your tickets for Independence Hall).

At the Mint, you take a self-guided tour and see the machines, giant rolls of metal, and learn how they make our US Coins. It is really interesting! Since it is self-guided, you can go through anytime – as fast or slow as you want! There also aren’t many people going through, so you don’t have to worry about crowds or waiting for some of the hands-on activites for the kids. It doesn’t take very long to tour and you learn quite a bit about how they make coins. It’s pretty cool. The kids love it too! The gift shop is actually pretty good and we can always find a deal/clearance there.

If you’re heading to Philadelphia, take a half an hour and visit the US Mint! It is a great tour for all ages and no tickets or reservations are needed.

Just like the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, NO pictures are allowed (hence why I have none). They are serious about the security of our money and how it’s made!

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