Valley Forge

I think I’ve mentioned how much I love the Junior Ranger Program? I learn so much about each of the places we are visiting while doing them with my kids (And one of my degrees is in History!). We learned about and did our Junior Ranger badges before our visit, which made the visit more interesting!

After Hershey Park, we stayed at a hotel a bit closer to Philadelphia, right near Valley Forge – like less than a mile from Valley Forge. We, of course, had to visit Valley Forge, especially since we were staying so close. It doesn’t take too long to drive around the park. Of course, if you stop and look at everything, it will take longer, but we have kids (and adults) with short attention spans, so it doesn’t take too terribly long to drive around and see the memorials, houses, and important sites.

The visitor’s center is large and has some interesting things in it. We didn’t spend too long in there, but the kids enjoyed the fun cutouts and some of the artifacts on display.

If you’re near Philadephia, it is a great stop to learn about this period of time in our country’s history. Love bringing history alive to my kids! Plus another Junior Ranger Badge!

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