Salt Creek Falls

One of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the beauty that surrounds you everywhere. We have some of the most incredible Waterfalls. Silver Falls is one of my favorite places on this planet. I’ve driven by Multnomah falls so many times, that I think I forget the amazing beauty that I simply take for granted having seen it so many times.

On the way to Crater Lake, Salt Creek Falls was just off the road. Thanks to friends posting pictures, I knew about this place (that I had never heard of before). It is the second (some things I read say 3rd) highest waterfall in Oregon. How had I never heard of it?!?! Well, I posted pictures after we went and we had several friends planning trips to Crater Lake that added it their to-do list because they hadn’t heard of it either – glad I wasn’t the only one.

It is REALLY easy to get to – the Waterfall is just off the parking lot. Any age or ability can get to the viewpoint.

If you plan a stop here – bring bug spray!!! Seriously, you will be EATEN ALIVE! Soooooo many Mosquitos. We did not bring bug spray. It was VERY early in the morning, but luckily there was one lone lady there. She had Bug Spray. She very nicely offered to spray all of us with bug spray. Thinking back, it may be strange to allow a stranger to spray you and your kids with some spray. Well, she looked nice and trustworthy! And she was, it was organic bug spray from Costco. It was very nice of her to share and it kept us from getting too many bug bites!

If you’re on your way to Crater Lake or near this area of Oregon, stop by Salt Creek Falls and view a spectacular Waterfall. Just don’t forget the bug spray!

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