Wildlife Safari

Another of my favorite places in Oregon is the Wildlife Safari. We go about once a year. You can always get a Groupon for it, so never pay full price.

There is a little zoo area that is free for anyone to visit. Some fun animals, including flamingos and wallaroo’s, and a petting zoo! You can also take a Camel ride. Years ago, I rode an Elephant here. I still fondly remember that and I was just a kid! They often have one of their Cheetah’s here as well (their Cheetah program is world famous).

The Drive-thru is the main attraction at Wildlife Safari. You can almost always get a great picture of a giraffe. They always seem to be walking on the road next to our car (every visit, without fail!). Zebra’s often come close to the cars as well. One time, the Rhino was walking on the road near us. We stayed well back from it, but it still made me a bit nervous with that horn! The Bears and Elephants are fun. Last time we were there, they were feeding the Lions! It was so cool to watch!! I took some video of it because we were so transfixed watching it.  They have an area where you can buy food and feed it to the animals from your car. We did it once and it makes it very hard to move the car again because the animals swarm your car to get the food!

It is a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon. I love seeing the animals up close and wandering around in their habitats. The little zoo area is fun as well. I can highly recommend coming here with kids of all ages. They will enjoy pointing at and watching the animals from the car! Just don’t pay full price and get a Groupon before coming.

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