Wings and Waves

Give my kids a pool/waterpark/ocean and they can be happy for hours (or a week, as was the case when we stayed at Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii!).

We love a good water slide! We went to Wings and Wave again, because my kids enjoy it so much. They had BOGO Friday’s, so when the kids had a Friday off school, we headed up to enjoy! We have never paid full price here, it is too expensive (especially for a family of 7!), but BOGO is much more affordable (and baby was free). Considering we spent the entire day there – from open to close – we got our money’s worth! I think this was our 3rd or 4th trip.

Their food there isn’t terribly expensive, but we took snacks and lunch in with us. Are you supposed to? Well, not sure about that, but no one stopped us and we used their tables to eat and no one cared (but your mileage may vary).

They have waterslides for kids of all ages. From babies to thrill seekers. You will have a workout complete when you are done here. The BIG slides are located on top of the building, inside a 747 (the park is airplane themed) that is on top of the waterpark. It is a HIKE up there. A Good 5-6 stories each time you walk up there to a waterslide. There are 4 slides coming out of the 747. My older kids rode each one at least 6 times. Not sure how they managed to hike up there that many times! There weren’t many lines when we were there, so they got to ride a lot!

There is a big dump bucket play area for kids of all ages. It has 2 or 3 slides that smaller kids can go on (I believe they still have a height restriction, it’s just not as tall). The baby liked playing in the water coming out of the ground here. There is also a toddler area with small slides for them to go down and more splash pad areas. There is a vortex and basketball playing area.

There is, of course, the wave pool. This is always a favorite. The kids love riding the waves in their innertubes. They also enjoy jumping the waves as well. Now if there was just a lazy river, I could live here (I love lazy rivers… I could live on one. I wish I had one circling my house)

Wings and Wave is quite a bit of fun and a great way to spend a day as a family. Bring water bottles and snacks. Don’t pay full price. Wait for them to have a special, especially if you have more than 4 people.


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