Albany Carousel

It took us months, but we FINALLY made it to the new Albany Carousel. They have been working on the carousel for as long as I can remember – MANY YEARS! Each of the animals has been hand carved and painted. They had the workshop open for years, where you could see the work they were doing. It was always a fun little tour.

Well, the carousel finally had enough animals complete to build the building and get the carousel up and running. It opened late this summer (like a day before we left for vacation) and we just finally got over there during Christmas break.

The building is beautiful! The door handles even have carved animals on them. There is a gift shop and a painting workshop. The big carousel area even has a snack shop.

The carousel is large and tall. They have lots of room to add more animals Рit is only about 60%ish full. The entire building is beautiful and the carousel in amazing. I think it is even more incredible knowing how long it took them to make each animal, the craftsmanship that went into each one. The time and love that went into the entire project.

The kids quickly ran to the animal they wanted to ride (front of the line and thus first choice). #5 did not want to get off once the ride was over.

We went to the gift shop and then a volunteer asked us if we wanted a tour. Sure! Apparently, there is a downstairs! I didn’t know that. They have some cool old animals and calliopes. Then we got to go through the carving studio and see all the animals they are working on. They have so many cool animals to come. Can’t wait to see them completed!

The kids thought the tour was fun. #3 was like “Did you plan that tour?” Ummm no. Just got it by chance. “That’s so cool we got a fun tour!”

I just wish the rides were less than $2 or they at least had a multi-ride pass (like the Salem one). When you have 5 kids, 2 rides each is $20… Gets a bit expensive¬†fast! Makes the one in DC at $1.25 a bargain (the one in Salem you can get for as low as $1)

If you’re in the Mid-Willamette Valley, I Highly recommend a stop to see this beautiful carousel and take a ride to see the remarkable craftsmanship!

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