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About Me 2017

We’ve decided it is just easier to number our kids for the blog! HA! Poor #2… But at least we didn’t number them in real life. Although sometimes that would be easier…

Mismashedmom: 35 (old enough to run for President now!). Disney Addict. Loves to travel. Enjoys cooking and baking. Mom of 5. Ravenclaw. Liberal LDS (but try to keep politics off of here).

MismashedMom Husband: Older than Mismashedmom. Liberal LDS (I had to be sure to pick a Liberal one! Can’t even imagine the conflict had I married a conservative – *shutter* – again, we try and keep politics off the blog). Work from home Software Engineer. Loves Games, Anime, and Legos! Ravenclaw

#1: Oldest and only girl! Which isn’t bad because she has her own room and doesn’t have to share. 14 years old, Freshman in High School. Plays Flute, Piano, and Ukelele. Loves social media, clothes, and everything “girlie.” Extremely helpful around the house! Hufflepuff

#2: 7th grade, 12 years old. Plays Piano, Percussion, and Trombone. Loves Robotics, video games, and reading. He is great with his little brothers but also enjoys downtime. Science is his jam and can often be found listening to an audiobook. Ravenclaw

#3: 2nd grade, 7 years old. Just started playing Piano. Talks constantly. Pretty sure he was born talking. Loves to read (such a high reading level in school, they let him teach his own reading group!), play video games and board games.

#4: Preschool, 4 years old. The sweetest of my children. He enjoys math. Probably the youngest kid to be able to add 4-5 numbers together at a time. He also can write – if we can’t understand what he’s saying, he writes it for us. Loves legos, video games, and plays extremely difficult strategy games with his dad (And often wins!)

#5: 1 year old. Currently referred to as Troublemaker. He is endlessly in trouble and making a mess. However, he is adorable and loves to give mommy hugs and kisses to make up for it. BIG TIME momma’s boy. Loves Mickey and Peg + Cat.


We have 4 kids in 5 schools – High School, Middle School, Elementary school, Preschool, & Speech School (#4 goes to preschool and a speech class at a different school)… So if we don’t do a fundraiser or attend one of the billion back to school nights, you know why! There is only so much I can take. In a few years, you’ll be able to add college to that list as #5 enters school and the rest move up in grade – YIKES!

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