Free Movie Download – Fandango

I am excited about this offer!
My kids love going to the movies
(we go during the bargain time at the local theater)
and they mark the calendar
for EVERY new kids movie that comes out
Right now on Fandango
I am going to be taking my 3 year old
as a treat
(while his older Siblings go to LegoFest)
So I might as well get a FREE movie download
since I was headed to the movie anyway!
Buy the tickets early
and you can watch the first movie for free
before you go and see the 2nd!
(or you can just watch it later)
Sweet Deal!
I love getting deals
on something that I was going to do anyway! 🙂
If you want to make it an even BETTER deal??
Get 20% off $25 in movie tickets when you use your Visa Signature card.
Use this deal and go buy your gift cards at 20% off FIRST
Which should more than cover the Fandango Fee
Then go and 
So 20% off tickets
and then a FREE movie download!?!?
I love Fandango! 🙂
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