Make your own Marshmallow shooter/gun – EASY, FUN, CHEAP craft!

I made this Marshmallow shooter
with the Young Women at my church last night
They were very excited to make these
and now I am making them for my kids
because they are EASY, CHEAP,
and alot of fun!!!
I am going to make some for Christmas Gifts
and Birthday Party gifts as well
Kids LOVE them! 🙂

Head to Home Depot or Lowes (I only have Home Depot, so this is what I was able to buy there) and buy 1/2″ PVC pipe. You are going 28″ of 1/2″ PVC pipe for each gun that you want to make. My store had the pipes in 10′ sections, so each 10′ section will make 4 guns (and a little leftover). I bought enough PVC and connectors for 8 guns, and my total was $17, so a little over $2 per gun
You will then need 2 90 degree elbows, 2 t-shaped connectors, and 2 end caps per gun. At my store, they had bags of 10 elbows, and 10 T-connectors for half the cost of buying them separately. 
You will need to measure out and then cut 1 9″ section (the barrel), 1 4″ (the mouthpiece) section and 5 3″ sections PER gun. Now for my first gun, I cut it with a saw and miter box. It worked, but if you are doing more than one gun, I HIGHLY suggest another method, because it will take forever, and your hand will hurt! So I had my husband cut the other 7 guns I was making for the activity, with a miter/chop saw – worked REALLY well! They also sell PVC cutters at Home Depot. 
Before assembling, I thoroughly washed the pieces. The mouthpieces should at least be well cleaned before putting together, because the PVC is usually pretty dusty/dirty coming from the store
Once you have the pieces cut, assemble it using the picture below:
It is not difficult to figure out (my 8 year old put one together in minutes). The 4″ piece is at the top – it is the mouthpiece. 
Do not use any glue – you will probably need to take it apart at some point to get out stuck marshmallows. 
If when cutting the PVC, it is not smooth, you may need to use sandpaper to sand the edges smooth. Using the miter saw, we did not have this problem, but did with the hand saw. 
Put the marshmallow in the mouth piece (the 4″ piece at the top) and blow – it should blow right out the end!
Now I need to get some spray paint and paint it! What color do you think I should go for?
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