We are on SOLAR POWER!

Oh yeah,
I am writing this post using solar power!
We are so VERY excited 🙂

When we got home from the Lake on Wednesday
we noticed that our power had been out
I asked a neighbor if theirs had been out
and it hadn’t.
We had gotten our new digital Power meter installed!

Now we were supposed to get a letter,
a call, or door-hanger from Pacific Power
telling us they did it
and we could turn it on
We didn’t get anything
so we hadn’t turned it on
but we were anxious to get them turned on!

a man from the Energy Trust of Oregon
came by to inspect and make sure everything was ok
He turned on the Solar Panels for us
They immediately were working at capacity!
It was a sunny day out 🙂
My husband totally geeked out over it
He was so excited when we put our first KWH
back INTO the grid!
That meant our entire house was running on the Solar Power
and we were overproducing and putting back into the power grid
We were thrilled to be producing our own power!!
It was a very exciting part of our day 🙂

Now I am excited to get our first power bill
I will share it all with you when we get it!
YAY for clean, CHEAPER,
renewable, energy
we can make on our roof!!

If you are interested in Solar Panels, and clean, renewable energy at a lower cost than your power company at $0 out of your pocket, contact Solar City for your Free Consultation!

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