Kids Valentines

Since we have been stuck in the house for yet another day,
Due to snow,
 my kids decided to make their own valentines
this year for school

My daughter LOVES making loom bands.
She makes very intricate ones and watches YouTube videos 
on how to make new ones all the time. 
She just made simple ones for the valentines
Since she had to make 32 of them! 
We got the printout for the Loom Band here
My son’s current favorite books is the Origami Yoda series.
He decided to make his whole class a mini origami yoda 
and then he just taped them to a valentine
 we created (in Word)
and printed on the computer.
This is quite an accomplishment, since he never wants to do crafts! 
I am surprised he wanted to make these at all
Let alone make 30 for his class!
So I guess even my 8 year old boy
can make his own valentines
and enjoy it 🙂
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