Celebrating Birthday’s at Disneyland

celebrating Birthday's at Disneyland
celebrating Birthday’s at Disneyland
Celebrating your Birthday’s at Disneyland is, in my opinion, the best way to Celebrate!

Each of my children have been blessed enough to get to spend a birthday at Disneyland and Disneyworld (in the older 2 kid’s cases, 2 or 3 birthday’s – so far!), except the baby, but he did JUST turn one!
Our trip to Disneyworld (less than 100 days to go!) we will be celebrating 3 birthday’s (2 of our sons and my husband’s 4oth – gasp!)  PLUS our 14th wedding anniversary! We obviously like to go to Disney to celebrate!
But this post is about Disneyland, and we have spent MANY birthday’s there! You can score lots of FREE food at restaurants near by, saving you quite a bit of money on your vacation!
Birthday’s at Disneyland:
  • The first thing you must do, is get a FREE “Birthday” button at City Hall or Guest Services if in California Adventures
  • Enjoy Cast Members and other guests wishing you a “Happy Birthday” all day.
  • You can even book a Birthday Party Package directly with Disney.
  • My kids have received free desserts at the Disney restaurants. This is NOT guaranteed, so your mileage may vary! The above picture are cupcakes they got at a Disney Restaurant on one of their birthday trips!
  • Sign up for Rainforest Cafe’s Landry Select Club – they give you $25 to spend during your birth month! There is a cost involved, but they give you a credit on your card, that more than makes up for the cost of the club. Enjoy a Vollllcccccaaaaannnnnnoooo on your birthday! Combine this offer with the FREE gift card from my points explained here and you’ll have a bunch of free food for your birthday. The Rainforest Cafe is in Downtown Disney, but you can also use your Landry Select Birthday Reward and your FREE gift cards at Bubba Gump’s and McCormick & Smick’s over at the Anaheim Gardenwalk, which is VERY close to Disneyland!
  • Join the Patina group list, and you will get $30 towards you dinner at one of their 3 Downtown Disney Locations! You can use it at Catal’s, Naples, or Tortilla Jo’s. My kids LOVE the free balloon animals while you wait for your meal at Tortilla Jo’s! YAY for more FREE food!
  • Earl of Sandwich, we we grew to love at Disneyworld, is now at Disneyland! Wait to sign up for their e-club until just before you go, because you will get a free brownie just for signing up! They will also send you a FREE sandwich to use on your birthday!
  • Mimi’s Cafe is a great restaurant right across the street from Disneyland’s entrance (easy walk!). Sign up for their e-club for a free entree! Again, wait to sign up until just before you go, because you will get a freebie just for signing up!
  • Johnny Rockets is located at the Anaheim GardenWalk, which is very close to Disneyland. Sign-up for their e-club and get a FREE burger for your birthday! Again, you will get a free burger for signing up, so wait to sign up until shortly before your trip.
Not only will you have wonderful memories and a fantastic birthday, you will save tons on money on food for your trip! Celebrating Birthday’s at Disneyland is the best way to celebrate!
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