Embark in the Service of God Pendants

Embark in the Service of God Pendants

I am pretty excited about how these pendants turned out! They were really easy to make as well! Although, due to a paper problem (gloss vs matte – matte wins – use matte paper!), I had to take a few of them apart and re-do them, but I got it all fixed and they all look great!

I bought the necklaces and 1″ the Pendant kits on Etsy – From this store, but there are many stores on Etsy that sell them. Buying them from Etsy/Amazon is MUCH cheaper than the store. These are rather expensive at places like Hobby Lobby. You can also pick them up at Amazon in larger quantities, often with free shipping – for the Bezels go here or here and for the domes, go here

I also picked up the chains from the same Etsy store. I bought these but I think these snake chains would work great as well! (we used them the year before!). Really, any chain/necklace you like will work. You can even check Amazon for bulk chains! I do not know the person that owns the Etsy shop, but there are many on Etsy with similar products. I just went with this store because the price was the best w/shipping for all the different items I needed. Feel free to shop around on Etsy or Amazon – there are many options that will work for you!

***If you would like the entire kit (necklace, bezel, and dome) Head over here to Amazon and get the bezel, dome, and necklace! I didn’t see these when I was making the necklaces, but if I do this again next year, I think I will just go for these!! Nice to get them all together in one kit!

I originally thought I would make my own emblem, but decided it would take WAY too long and would not look nearly as good as the ones I saw on Pinterest, so I decided it was worth the $5 to just buy one off of Etsy. I picked the one from this store. Again, there are MANY cool Emblems available on Etsy – I liked many of them, but let my YW choose their favorite 🙂

I picked up the anchors really cheap off of Amazon. They were a cute addition to the necklace! Just a little something extra.

The only other thing I needed was some sort of glue. After looking at my options, I decided on E6000, just make sure to get the clear. I found it cheapest on Amazon.

Embark in the Service of God Pendants


The process was simple once I had all the supplies. I printed (ok, my husband works at the largest printer/computer company in the US as a Software engineer  – so he printed them for me for free) the emblems and used a 1″ punch to punch them out. I was able to just borrow the punch from a friend. I then put some  E6000 on the back of the emblem and centered it in the pendant tray. Once centered. I added more  E6000 and pushed the glass dome on top. Simply wipe away any excess glue. Be careful of any air bubbles while the pendants are drying. I didn’t have much trouble, except for one or two of the twenty pendants that I made. Simply move the dome around to get rid of the air bubbles

Once dry, place the pendant on the necklace and add the anchor charm on the chain. Really EASY and they are adorable! I can’t wait to give these to the girls at New Beginnings.

**tip** The first emblems I made were printed on gloss photo paper – they smeared (as mentioned at the beginning of the post)! The second batch – printed on Matte photo paper and they worked PERFECT. Well, somehow we were one short of these for our girls (no idea how that even happened :P), so I was making one more of these. I apparently grabbed a gloss emblem. *sigh* The colors ran. I could NOT find my matte paper emblems. I did not want to print a whole new set for just one necklace, so I tried the trick left in the comments section. I tore apart the pendant (small screwdriver to pry the glass off, then just have to clean the glue up – not too difficult!) and put Packing tape over the top of a new gloss printed emblem and then glued it into the pendant. It worked PERFECTLY!!! What a GREAT tip!! If you have bleeding ink issues, just put a little packing tape over the top! Easy fix! 🙂 Thanks for the tip! Love it when we can help each other out!

Embark in the Service of God Pendants

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  1. jennypersons says:

    I added a link to the EXACT set that I bought to put the 1″ emblem cut-outs in 🙂 They were simply the 1″ pendant kits from that Etsy store (available in many stores on etsy)

  2. jennypersons says:

    I just added a link to the exact necklaces that I bought – they are beautiful chains!! Any necklace (as long as it isn’t too bulky, will work. I also liked the snake chains (added that link as well!)

    • jennypersons says:

      I did not create thr image for the pendant. In the post, there has always been a link to the etsy shop where I purchased the pendant image 🙂

  3. Tawnya Reid says:

    I am the one that designed the emblem for the pendant. I wanted to share a trick I have to make sure the ink doesn’t bleed when you are adding the glass to picture. Use the clear packing tape and put it over the top of the picture first before you glue the glass cabochon to it. It takes an extra day to dry but the picture stays very nice and sharp.

    • Patty says:

      Thank you! We made a few last night and had to be very careful because of the ink smears. As a result we have a couple with air bubbles that we need to make over. This tip will be very useful for the replacements we make.

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