Customizable Young Women’s Bracelets

Customizable Young Women's Bracelets

2015 Youth Theme


Can I just say I LOVE how these bracelets turned out!! They are so cute and my daughter is excited about them ūüôā

Bonus: They are VERY easy to make! And easily Customizable! So you can have them say whatever you’d like

For simplicity sake, I did all of my examples with 8 bezels, so they would all be similar to the 8 YW values. You can do as many as you’d like. If you only want a couple, simply add more jump rings in between the bezels!

Here is what you are going to need to make these bracelets:


Once you have your supplies, these are SUPER easy to put together! Open you jump rings, using the pliers. Take one bezel, place the jump ring through one hole, then take another bezel and place one hole through the jump ring as well. Then close the jump ring. Continue until all 8 (or however many you are using) bezels are connected.

Optional: place a jump ring through the end hole of the end bezels, and put the lobster clasp on one of the jump rings. You could also just skip the jump rings, place the lobster clasp on the end of bezel hole, and you have a bracelet!

Once you have the bracelet together, you can decide what you want to print.

If you do not have it, download the¬†Silhouette Design Studio. You do NOT need a Silhouette to use the design studio – I used it before I even owned a Silhouette! If for some reason you cannot download the software, I might consider figuring out how to save it as a jpeg for you to print out. If you do not have a Silhouette, simply just use the “send to printer” button, and you can print it out and then simply punch/cut out the pictures! Not machine needed!

If you are interested in the bracelets I made here is my Silhouette document you can download. Once you download it, you can use the Silhouette Studio to customize them!! If you don’t want to customize, simply tell the Silhouette design studio to “send to printer” and you can print it out and then punch/cut it out, or if you have a silhouette, send it to the silhouette once it is printed.

I will quickly walk you through customizing the circles:

  1. If you want another circle of the same size: Simply highlight one of the existing circles, hit ctrl+c, and then paste it with ctrl+v. Now you have a duplicate circle that you can customize how you’d like. Just move it to where you want it on the page
  2. To change the background of the circle: Click on the circle. The upper right-hand corner – the first button will give you a single color or the third button will give you a fill pattern. There are many pre-made patterns for you to choose from!
  3. Add or change text in the circle: click on the existing text to change it. To add new text, the left-hand side, there is an “A” that will start a new text box for you. You can choose the text type, size, etc. While you are editing/adding text, you can change the color/pattern of the text just like the background of the circles with the buttons along the upper right-hand corner. Resize¬†your text to fit in the circle by using the little white boxes along the edge of your text box.
  4. If using the Silhouette to cut out, make sure to turn off the cut settings on the text. Upper right hand, second button to the last is the “cut” settings. Click on it and it will show the red lines where the Silhouette will cut. Highlight your text, and click on the “no cut” button and the red lines should disappear. Also make sure that the Registration Marks are there (they are in my file already!) If using the Silhouette print and cut.


So you can easily use the¬†Silhouette Design Studio¬†to customize these bracelets, whether you have a Silhouette or not. Once you have customized it to your liking, simply use the “send to printer” button. If you don’t have a Silhouette, then simply use a 5/8″ circle punch¬†or some scissors¬†to cut out the circles. Or once printed with the registration marks, feed it into your Silhouette and click the “send to Silhouette” button and you’re done!


Once printed and cut, Place the circles in the bezels. Use a very small amount of the¬†E6000¬ģ Craft Adhesive, Clear¬†and place the glass dome on top. Push the dome and be sure there are no air bubbles. Watch as the glue dries for air bubbles (I didn’t have much trouble). If you do get one, simply move the dome a bit and the bubble should disappear.


Once the glue is dry, you’re done. Easy and they turn out ADORABLE!


Here is the 2015 Youth Theme bracelet – you can make the background any color or pattern you’d like! I love blue, so I made this one blue! Now that I look at it, they would be ADORABLE to add charms to the bracelet! There are many nautical themed charms and that would be so fun! ohhhh… I might have to go get some – like these, these, these, or these.

Young Women's Bracelets


I love this one. You can easily customize this one. I have the “You Are” or you can replace that with the girl’s names! Give them a great personalized gift!!! You can make the background whatever color you want. My daughter’s favorite color is Purple, so I made it purple!

Young Women's Bracelets

Young Women's Bracelets


As you can see, I personalized this one with my daughter’s name

Young Women's Bracelets

Young Women's Bracelets


Making the YW values was my original plan for the bracelet! From there, I came up with other ideas, but the YW values was my original plan for the bracelet!

Young Women's Bracelets

Young Women's Bracelets




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