Waterproof phone case

Waterproof phone case

This is a picture of one of my most well-used and loved travel accessories! This FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Case has been worth its weight in GOLD. Seriously, every trip we go on, I am so grateful that I purchased this item! Worth EVERY penny!!

Wherever we go with them, we are asked CONSTANTLY where we bought them and if they can buy them there (whatever place we are at). Nope, most places do not sell them on site, so you need to purchase BEFORE your trip… Even if they did sell them, I am sure they would be outrageously expensive.

We have taken these to Disneyworld (all the waterparks and hotel pools), Hawaii (Disney Aulani and the Ocean), Great Wolf Lodge, and also just to our local pool and beach or any hotel we visit.

The FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Case is big enough to fit my iPhone w/otterbox, money, room keys, credit card, and gift cards. My husband puts his Samsung Galaxy in his. No need to worry about leaving those things in your bags and what will happen to them if you leave them unattended. You can have them with you the entire time.

Plus, you can text/call the people you are with – My husband and I are able to text each other when we split up with the kids and find each other again 🙂

You can also take pictures in the water! I love having pictures of my kids at all the waterparks/in the ocean and having fun in the water. We have so many water pictures from our trip to Hawaii last month!

You can even take pictures UNDERWATER! Here is my son playing with my phone underwater in Hawaii:



No matter where we go with these, we are asked where to got them. We really should buy like 10 of them before any trip! we would make a killing reselling them to people.

Seriously, buy one (or two) FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Case before your next trip, where you may be in the water. You can thank me when you get back! 🙂 It will last through MANY trips to come!


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