Easy and inexpensive kitchen backsplash makeover

Smart Tile Backsplash

We just had new Quartz Countertops installed in our kitchen. I LOVE them. Seriously, I did not think it would make that much of a difference, but I spend so much time in the kitchen creating, I simply have fallen in love with the new countertops! They really do make a big difference!

We ordered a 6 inch Quartz backsplash to go with the countertops. Mainly to cover the mess that the old tile backsplash made of the walls when we removed them. They left gaping holes in the wall. I repaired the wall, but after demolishing the old tile and seeing the horrible mess it left, I decided we did NOT want to EVER put tile on the wall again. Seriously – leaves a huge mess of destruction.

After the new countertops were in, we looked at them, and while in love with the countertops, we noticed that the backsplash/countertops kind of blended into the wall. It just kind of looked “blah” to me. So off I went to the local home improvement store. I wanted a solution that did not include any kind of grout or destructive thing to the wall. After just repairing the wall, I did not want to destroy it. I brought home several solutions. We opted to just do an accent wall, instead of the entire kitchen – just made more sense for our kitchen.

I liked several different options, but we eventually settled on the Smart Tiles. The problem then was settling on the color we wanted!

The reason we chose Smart Tiles:

  • Peel and Stick Wall tiles
  • Guaranteed to Stick
  • Looks like genuine Glass and Ceramic
  • Install directly over existing tiles or smooth surface
  • No Grout, No Glue, No Special tools and No Mess

We eventually settled on the 10 in. x 10 in. Peel and Stick Mosaic Decorative Wall Tile in Bellagio (12-Piece) (or if you need less tiles Mosaik High-Gloss Mosaic in Brown and Beige II (Set of 6) )

The walls were freshly painted (before the countertops were put in), so when the tiles arrived, I got right to work. They were soooooo EASY to install! All I needed was a Utility/box knife. The Quartz backsplash gave me a straight line for me to work off of and to make sure my tiles were straight. Then you just line up the tiles and press and stick. If you need to adjust it, they come off easily, so you can move it and make sure it’s perfect. I cut out a hole in the tiles for the outlets (cut the tile on a simple kitchen cutting board) and then just cut the edges. Simply, easy, and I think it turned out beautiful for LESS than $100!! Putting up, adjusting, and cutting the tiles only took me about 30 minutes! Huge difference in the kitchen for only 30 minutes worth of work.

If we ever want to change it up, change the color or the style, the Smart Tiles EASILY remove from the wall, WITHOUT damage (may need a touch-up of paint here and there). The cost is low, and super easy to do, we can change it up every few years if we’d like. Love home improvement projects that take LESS than an hour, make a BIG impact, and are cheap!

I love the look and the impact it makes in the kitchen. My husband came home from work and said “WOW! It looks like it came from a magazine!” Yeah – we like it 🙂


Smart Tile Backsplash

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