Skylanders Cake

Skylanders Cake

My son turned 5 a few weeks ago. His favorite thing right now: Skylanders. Which meant he wanted a Skylanders cake for his birthday. Luckily, this was a super easy cake to pull off and he LOVED it!

All you need to make it is:


Simply bake 4 round cakes according to the box directions. Stack 3 of the cakes, with the back of the cakes lining up – using frosting in between each layer. Place the 4th round cake off to the side of the other cakes. Cover them all with frosting – that you whipped with the green food coloring.

Cut the Pirouette wafers into different sizes and place around the edges of the cake. Use one as a bridge between the 3 cakes. Use any skylander toys to decorate the cake with. After we deocrated it, I remembered that we had some megablocks sheep that we could have used. Oh well!

That’s it! Super easy

We also made some cupcakes – so we had lots of cake for the party. I found the circles on Pinterest, printed, and cut them out (my son cut them out – can you tell?). Then simply tape them to a toothpick and stick them into the cupcakes. I simply LOVE my cupcake tower!!
Skylanders cupcakes  

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