Inspirational Bracelets

Inspirational Bracelets


While I was buying charms for my YW’s bracelets, I also found these Inspirational Word Charms and picked them up. I thought they would be great for my daughter.

The Love Charm was separate, but you can pick up a bunch of them for cheap!

I then simply picked up some Leatherette bracelets, looped them through loops on the end of the word charms, and voila! I was done and had a bunch of adorable bracelets made! I mean, it doesn’t get any easier than that! Only took me a few minutes to make all the bracelets. Cheap and extremely easy to make.

You could also buy Suede Cord, because it is REALLY cheap for bunch of it and then buy some crimp end with lobster clasp or it is cheaper to buy separately – Crimp ends and the Lobster clasp (apparently there is a way to make them adjustable without the crimp end and lobster clasp, so you might look up a tutorial and skip buying them altogether – might be the easiest, cheapest option!). You might also need some Jump Rings, for the lobster clasp (depending on which ones you purchase) but they are very cheap.  Then you can make them whatever size you want. Then you simply make the bracelet (two loops, connected via lobster clasp. Crimp the ends of each loop together, then connect the two loops via Lobster clasp. See the pictures of Leatherette bracelets for an example – or make the adjustable bracelets that don’t use clasps) and then feed the bracelet through the Charms as seen in my pictures.

Seriously, I love projects that are this easy, inexpensive, and have a great outcome. My daughter loves them! They would make an excellent gift or activity.

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