Cafe Rio Enchiladas

Tonight, I made my favorite Chicken Enchiladas, only I made it with my Cafe Rio Chicken (or slow cooker version)… I take a bite and turn to my husband, “This is why I can’t lose weight!” OH.MY! It was so freaking good. I stopped myself at 2, but I could have easily downed 3 of these delicious morsels. I skipped the cheese inside the enchiladas, only used the Cafe Rio Chicken inside (the cheese wasn’t needed – so I saved a few calories, right?!?!)  Sometimes I even impress myself. Between delicious meals like this and my love of baking, chocolate, and sweets…. It is so hard to lose the weight. But at least I am happy and enjoy my food! HA! Mmmmm…. Seriously, try this combination soon. You’ll thank me. You’re Welcome!

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