31 New Junior Ranger Badges

Ah! A new year! We have lots planned for this year, and I am sure hoping it is better than the last!

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Break as a family and getting things done around the house. It was lovely to enjoy so much family time.

One of the many projects I finally got to was dealing with all the Junior Ranger badges from this summer!

They earned 31 different badges, patches, and pins. Not too shabby for one trip!! We still have about 4 more booklets to do at home that has to do with our trip… but those may take us awhile to get to! (if we get to them before our next DC trip, I’ll call it a success!)

We never got back our Junior Ranger Badges from Arlington House or Great Falls. Arlington House was closed, so that may have something to do with it? We also haven’t received┬áCheasapeke Bay back. We sent those in a month or two ago… Guess we’ll see if they ever show up! (It took the Network to Freedom Badges a little over 2 months to arrive!)

We’ll be in Hawaii in a few weeks and we’ll hopefully earn 4 more badges!

The boy’s vests are getting pretty full! One likes to put some on his hat, the other doesn’t. He may not have a choice after awhile. We may need to get the toddler a vest while in Hawaii. He is already envious of his brothers! My daughter keeps them all on a ribbon and our oldest son… well, I keep them all in a drawer for him, until we decide what to do with his (he is not as “into” getting the badges as his siblings)

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