Easy Bowser Castle Cake


Easy Bowser Castle Cake

Easy Bowser Castle Cake

We celebrated Talker’s 3rd Birthday
with a party this weekend
I had bought
and he saw them
and decided he wanted a Bowser Castle Cake
for his Birthday cake


We love making fun birthday cakes
I am going to have to do a series on all the awesome
birthday cakes we have done


The ONE key to all the cakes we make?
They have to be EASY


With Pinterest these days
It is so easy to see awesome cakes
but most are way out of my league
I don’t have the talent, time, or patience
for a majority of them


So we came up with this cake
It looked and tasted great
It was fun to make
The 7 year old and the 3 year old helped decorate
Which is the best part of decorating
is that they can help and it won’t mess it up


the kids LOVED it!!
And that is the most important part


We were going to make it grey
to make it look more like a castle
and then decided that chocolate would just be easier
Plus tastier! ๐Ÿ™‚


We used sparklers on it
to look like Bowser Castle
which was REALLY cool
but I didn’t think of the residue
sparklers would leave on the cake
At least I had a THICK layer
of frosting on the top
so I just scraped some of it off ๐Ÿ™‚




Bake your cake/brownies/cupcakes according to directions and let cool. I wrapped one of my large cutting boards in foil for the base. Take your 2 pans of brownies/cake and cut them both in half, so you now have 4 9×6.5″ cakes/brownies. Now if you are using brownie and cake layers, like me, stack the brownies as the bottom layers, as they are heavier, leaving the cake layers for the top. Stack your 4 layers, using frosting in between each layer (not too much frosting, you don’t want your layers sliding around!)


Once you have your 4 layers stacked, frost the entire thing. Use a fairly thick layer to help with the crumbs (I use a lot of frosting to avoid crumbs and to avoid doing a crumb layer – which you can do, I just never have enough fridge space to do it!!)

Stack 2 cupcakes on top of each other and place on each corner of the cake. (use frosting in between to stack!) You can frost the cupcakes all the way around, if you want. I think my cupcakes would have just crumbled, and become crumby, so we didn’t do it ๐Ÿ˜› Still looked fine and the kids didn’t care they weren’t covered in frosting

Use the Hershey Bars to stick into the side of the cake, to create bricks (snap the bars into “bricks” and place on cake) – do it fairly soon after frosting, before the frosting starts to get dry/harden. We put the Hershey Bars in the freezer for a few minutes, so they wouldn’t melt in our hands and would snap into “bricks” easier – you will also have to cut some “bricks” in half. The boys helped place the bricks and had a great time! Create your gate/doorway first, and then place the “bricks” around the cake like walls of a castle. We then turned some “bricks” on their side and stuck them around the top of the cake, to give the top a castle like border. The boys also created at “cage” for the Princess on the top of the cake out of the “bricks.”

Use the KitKat as a drawbridge

We placed the cones on top of the cupcakes at the corners. Use frosting to stack. We did have to use some bamboo skewers to keep them from falling over
We also had some whoppers in the cones to look like bombs or cannon balls, and used some marshmallows to look like clouds. Used a small amount of frosting to stick the characters to the foil covered cutting board.

Easy to do and Fun to make – I mean the 7 and 3 year old did half of the decorating!


Easy Bowser Castle Cake

Easy Bowser Castle Cake

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